Walking Around Morocco

A little pictorial journey of my visit to Rabat, Morocco in June 2011 to cover the Mawazine festival. Music has now brought me to Morocco three times, twice in the summer of 2011 alone, and I can say with confidence that there is much in terms of society, politics and culture that Americans can learn from this wonderful nation. Like anywhere, there are institutional problems, issues of poverty and gender equality, and a small sect of religious fundamentalists. Overall, however, the country is making great strides economically and artistically. Morocco will be the focus of a longer-term project of mine. In the next post, I’ll explore the music I saw while there. For now, I’ll let the sights do the talking.

I very rarely shoot people in public without their permission, but this was a photo I just could not pass up. Probably one of my favorites of all time. Amazing how despair can inspire beauty.

One of the things Morocco is well known for is being colorful; this fountain makes that point.

Medina doors always make me stop to ponder…

…like this one, overlooking a cemetery on the Pacific.

Wandering through the medina…

Well, they asked me to put it on Facebook….

Into Rabat’s souk…


We then crossed the river and entered Sale’s medina.

Across from the medina’s edges is a pretty epic beach that offers this view.

And finally, to our hotel, where there was plenty to keep us occupied…

…especially with its water theme.

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